Bastet & Baboon at We Love Roleplay

Bastet Goddess meadowWorks

Bring a touch of ancient Egypt to your Second Life with these statues! Bastet Goddess of Protection is avatar-sized sculpture of the feline goddess striding proudly forward while holding ankh and the Mirror of Hathor. The smaller Bastet Cat figurines can be rezed to honour her, perfect also for all the cat-lovers. The baboon god could easily decorate both a house with historical penchants and one with decadence for its strong ties to sexual prowess.

Bastet Goddess is 6 LI, Baboon God and Bastet Cat 1 LI.  Everything is modifiable, so you can resize them as you wish. Remember that when making mesh items larger their land impact rises as well.

All the pieces are unrigged, hand-painted, materials enabled, original mesh.

Permissions are copy/modify/no-transfer.

The statues are half price for the event duration:
L200 for Bastet Goddess, L100 for Baboon God and L75 for Bastet Cat.

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Baboon God meadowWorks

Bastet Cat meadowWorks


Lanterns and Hope at Home & Garden Expo

HGE2016 Lotus Lanterns meadowWorks

meadowWorks brings both light and hope to the Home & Garden Expo with intricate floating wish lanterns and a fittingly named sculpture: Hope.

Lanterns are a symbol of hope, and wish lanterns in particular are a sort of material representation of a kind of prayer… (or wish). So since the HGE sims are all named Hope this year, I decided I should make lots and lots of lanterns.

There are 5 colors: pink, purple, blue, peach, and yellow
3 sizes S,M,L
and 2 versions rotating (R) and not,
so that’s 30 lanterns to sprinkle around.

Why so many in the box… well, depending on how good your build/modify skills are, you might appreciated the different sizes and rotation scripts, but if you are skilled you can ditch the extras.

No rule says they have to be used as floating lanterns on water. you could toss them across your lawn or pretend they are magnolias and stick them in a tree or whatever.

HGE2016 Swan Lanterns meadowWorks

The idea for the Rice Paper Lanterns shaped like swans hails back to the earlier Random Acts of Swan-ness and they are now ready to float gracefully on your ponds and pools, illuminating the gardens.

There are 2 versions in the box. Two swans linked to a prim with a rotation script in it and just a single swan. They are copy/mod so you can drag out dozens and dozens and dozens to light up your life on water or land.

In addition to the lanterns there’s also Hope, the sculpture that simply had to be brought to its sim namesake. Hope was originally released at The Chapter Four, but it is now available only in Home & Garden Expo where it embodies its title beautifully. Read more about Hope and its inspiration here.

The lanterns are 1 LI and modifiable, so you can resize them as you wish. Remember that when making mesh items larger their land impact rises as well. Hope is 9 LI lifesize.

Don’t forget to visit the gachas at Hope 5 where meadowWorks has brought a delightful Plague of Yoga Frogs upon you!

The lanterns and sculpture are hand-painted, materials enabled, original mesh.

Permissions are copy/modify/no-transfer.

The swan lanterns are 100L, the lotus lanterns 150L,
The Hope sculpture 300L.
All of the proceeds go to Relay For Life of Second Life.

Visit meadowWorks at Home & Garden Expo on Hope 4!

Home & Garden Expo opens officially 00:01 Sunday 14th February.

HGE2016 Hope meadowWorks

Yoga Frogs Gacha at Home & Garden Expo

HGE2016 Yoga Frogs Gacha meadowWorks

A Plague of Yoga Frogs has descended on the Home & Garden Expo! These adorable, green, health conscious, little amphibians are perfect for ponds and lawns or even a yoga gym. Their admirable flexibility and quirky attitude is a guaranteed attention-grabber. Play the gacha, win your favourites and bring a delightful mix of appeal and amusement to your home!

There are 13 frogs in the gacha: 10 commons and 3 RARES. In addition to the frogs the gacha also holds a Secret Surprise that is not a frog! What is it? That’s for you to find out!

Each frog is 1 LI and modifiable, so you can resize them as you wish. Remember that when making mesh items larger their land impact rises as well.

Yoga frogs are hand-painted, materials enabled, original mesh.

Permissions are no-copy/yes-modify/yes-transfer.

Gacha is 50L per play.
50% of the proceeds go to Relay For Life of Second Life.

All the gachas of the event are conveniently located in the same place.
Come win your very own plague of frogs at Hope 5!

Home & Garden Expo opens officially 00:01 Sunday 14th February.

Hope ~ A Fragment at The Chapter Four

Hope-meadowWorks 1024

I started this sculpture with only the visual idea and no concept or title in mind. I just wanted to make a broken figure with wings. Pretty soon the phrase “the thing with feathers” popped into my mind, but I couldn’t remember where it was from. So I googled it and it’s from Emily Dickinson’s “Hope”, which really was the PERFECT name for the piece.

Find him a spot in your garden, or on a shelf or anywhere really and remember it costs us nothing to hope.

“Hope” is the thing with feathers – (314)

“Hope” is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all –

And sweetest – in the Gale – is heard –
And sore must be the storm –
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm –

I’ve heard it in the chillest land –
And on the strangest Sea –
Yet – never – in Extremity,
It asked a crumb – of me.

Hope is 9 LI at life size, but it is modifiable so you can make it smaller or bigger. Please remember that when you make mesh-objects larger their land impact grows as well. Also note that the sculpture appears no-mod in inventory due to the resizer script, but it is perfectly modifiable with or without the script.

Hope is hand-painted, materials enabled, original mesh.

Permissions are copy/modify/no-transfer.

The sculpture is half-price at The Chapter Four for L200.

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Random Acts of Swan-ness at Lost and Found

Random Acts of Swan-ness

Q. Why swans, why random?

A1. why not

A2. I dunno about you, but I tend to get possessed by certain shapes. It starts as a fascination with a form, then I start seeing it everywhere, start thinking of other things I could do with it, start studying other cultures’ use of the same form, start experimenting with textures and materials the shapes might be made from… and before I know it, I have a GACHA set just waiting to happen.

ergo Random Acts of SWAN-ness! and what better event for them, than Lost & Found?

Grace your Second Life with these swans, let them swim in your ponds (or bath tub!), decorate your house and garden, provide comfort as a bench, bring life and elegance to your surroundings. Whether you wish to make your home more lively with swans or perhaps add a fairy tale touch of a swan royalty turned to stone, this is the gacha for you!

All pieces are new and created exclusively for the December 2015 Lost & Found.

􀀅The benches have 30 animations total. 10 singles female more or less, 10 single male more or less, and 10 couples, all pg cuddles.

Floating Swan Candles are rotating, but if you want to stop the rotation, just unlink them from the root prim then delete it. It’s invisible, so have a look at where it’s located in edit mode before unlinking.

The Floating Swan Candles are bath tub size, but they size up really well, so they are fun for ponds and pools too.

The land impact of the swans varies by piece and ranges from one to five LI. Please note that resizing mesh objects usually changes the land impact.

All the items are hand-painted, materials enabled, original mesh.

Permissions are modify/transfer/no-copy. 1 ultra-rare, 1 rare, 9 commons.

L60 per play.

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Greyhounds Released


These greyhounds bring class and quirk to your life! They can easily be treated as either incredibly lifelike statues or elegant pets in your home. The gracefully muscled frames are set in poses that bring out their personalities, caught in clearly distinguishable moments of life from a pretty preener to a hurt paw incident.

Greyhound figures are largish life size at 1.5 meters tall, but easily shrink to whippet or figurine size. They have good lod for viewing at distance and look fabulous indoors or out.

Each greyhound is 5 LI. They are modifiable so you can make them smaller or bigger, but please remember that when you make mesh-objects larger their land impact grows as well.

There’s currently a festive greyhound gift available in the KittyCatS Advent Calendar, go get yourself a tree-decorating Holiday Hound!

All the greyhounds are hand-painted, materials enabled, original mesh by Garvie Garzo.

Permissions are copy/modify/no-transfer.

The greyhounds are sold both separately and in a pack of three.
Price is L250 per greyhound, or L600 for the pack of three.

Visit meadowWorks Main Store
Purchase greyhounds from the Marketplace




Holiday Hound in the KittyCatS and Friends Advent Calendar

Holiday Hound
Picture by Sonya Marmurek.

KittyCatS is hosting an Advent Calendar from December 1st through the 24th, offering a new gift every day. Today, 4th of December, brings out a dog in the midst of all the felines. Holiday Hound by meadowWorks is a beautiful greyhound sculpture, caught in the act of being helpful. He’s just trying to decorate the tree, honest!

If you missed the visit on 4th, you can pick the Hound (and the other earlier gifts) at any point in December, although for the best holiday spirit it is recommended to visit and open the calendar windows daily.

The greyhound is hand-painted, materials enabled, original mesh by Garvie Garzo.

Permissions are copy/modify/no-transfer.

If you wish to acquire friends for the Holiday Hound, there’s a whole pack of three available!

Visit KittyCatS Main Store 

The Surrealist Objects at The Chapter Four


“I noticed not long ago while making some other sculptures that while surrealism as a ~style~ is very easy to pull off in Second Life, the feeling or effect of surrealism is quite hard to do.

Does a zebra with its ass on fire, or a stag whose antlers have sprouted leaves, frames that are not really frames make you stop and wonder? Well, not as much as I thought they might.

Welcome to Second Life, where spare body parts floating in mid air, enormous dragons and tiny fairies in shopping malls, your own hair transplanted from your head to your butt, the acquisition of genitals requiring a market transaction rather than the resulting from natural growth are part of the everyday life.

In this milieu, what would it take to create that jarring juxtaposition of the familiar with the strange, the happy accidents of the profane and the sublime that surrealism sought so avidly?

Maybe I was just doin’ it wrong.

So I looked back through some period pieces, and I found some that I think still succeed brilliantly as surrealist objects even when immersed in the sur-reality of Second Life.

Curiously the originals of all of these items were lost or destroyed and had to be recreated at later dates.

As far as I know, neither the originals nor their later recreations ever actually shared a space.

But I think they should have.

Get all three and join me in an homage to the greats!”

These three Surrealist Objects are available in The Chapter Four’s Half Price Room, waiting for you to bring them home and change your Second Life even more surreal than it already is! All of them are classics in their own right and celebrate the power of human imagination, the ability to look at things from new and strange angles and enjoy the mindshift where the extraordinary becomes the norm.

Venus Restored (after Man Ray) is 2 LI, Bird Foot Table (after Meret Oppenheim) is 1 LI and Cat’s Cradle Chair (after Salvador Dali) is 1 LI. Please note that resizing items usually changes the land impact.

The chair has 12 different male and female animations, some of which are very surrealistically fitting. All the Objects are rezed at the event so you can try out the animations yourself.

All the Surrealist Objects are hand-painted, materials enabled, original mesh by Garvie Garzo.

Permissions are copy/modify/no-transfer.

The Surrealist Objects are sold separately and are half price for the event duration: sculpture L200, table L75, chair L150.

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Octopus Path Lights at We Love Roleplay

Octopus Path Lights meadowWorks 1024

Let these octopi bring light into your fall! There’s two matching bronze sculptures, each holding three lanterns. They fit beautifully on a seaside path, by a pool or even in your living room: bronze octopi have learned to survive perfectly well out of water!

The octopi are 4 LI each. Note that if you change their size the land impact will change, too. The lanterns can be toggled on/off by touch, each lantern separately.

To accompany the path lights there’s also a special tablet and a jar for sale in the event, both featuring octopi of ancient civilizations. These are usually a part of a gacha, but for this event they’re separated for sale as no-transfer versions for 50 lindens each.

All the friendly octopi are hand-painted, materials enabled, original mesh by Garvie Garzo.

Permissions are copy/modify/no-transfer.

The Octopus Path Lights are half price for the event duration, L150.

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Ankh Necklace for the Eternal Hunt

The picture and ad by Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc.

meadowWorks took part in the 8th Anniversary of Fallen Gods Inc. and although The Eternal Market and the Anniversary festivities are over, the Eternal Hunt is still going on until November 21st.

The Eternal Hunt is a HUD-based exploration journey where you visit the main stores or sims of the participating creators to locate all the lemniscates (the infinity symbols that look like a sideways number 8) after which you can enter the final prize room filled with rewards! The HUDs are free and available in the Main Store of Fallen Gods Inc. in Selidor. If you get stuck and need a better hint than the HUD provides, try asking for help in the Fallen Gods Inc. group chat.

The prize from meadowWorks is Infinite Life Ankh necklace where sharp edges meet the soft curves of infinity. The lemniscate itself is formed from and by a snake biting its own tail like a doubled ouroboros, the eternal returns following one after the other.

The necklace is unisex and comes in two sizes to accommodate both men and women. You can see previews of all the prizes of the Eternal Hunt here.

The Bust of Anubis was for sale in the Eternal Market and is not currently available, since it was especially made for the occasion. The Embalmer might return later in some other shape or form, like the Guardian of the Eternal Afterlife should.

Both the Bust of Anubis and the Infinite Life Ankh are hand-painted, materials enabled, original mesh by Garvie Garzo.

Permissions are copy/modify/no-transfer.

Visit Selidor to get your free HUD and begin hunting!