The Surrealist Objects at The Chapter Four


“I noticed not long ago while making some other sculptures that while surrealism as a ~style~ is very easy to pull off in Second Life, the feeling or effect of surrealism is quite hard to do.

Does a zebra with its ass on fire, or a stag whose antlers have sprouted leaves, frames that are not really frames make you stop and wonder? Well, not as much as I thought they might.

Welcome to Second Life, where spare body parts floating in mid air, enormous dragons and tiny fairies in shopping malls, your own hair transplanted from your head to your butt, the acquisition of genitals requiring a market transaction rather than the resulting from natural growth are part of the everyday life.

In this milieu, what would it take to create that jarring juxtaposition of the familiar with the strange, the happy accidents of the profane and the sublime that surrealism sought so avidly?

Maybe I was just doin’ it wrong.

So I looked back through some period pieces, and I found some that I think still succeed brilliantly as surrealist objects even when immersed in the sur-reality of Second Life.

Curiously the originals of all of these items were lost or destroyed and had to be recreated at later dates.

As far as I know, neither the originals nor their later recreations ever actually shared a space.

But I think they should have.

Get all three and join me in an homage to the greats!”

These three Surrealist Objects are available in The Chapter Four’s Half Price Room, waiting for you to bring them home and change your Second Life even more surreal than it already is! All of them are classics in their own right and celebrate the power of human imagination, the ability to look at things from new and strange angles and enjoy the mindshift where the extraordinary becomes the norm.

Venus Restored (after Man Ray) is 2 LI, Bird Foot Table (after Meret Oppenheim) is 1 LI and Cat’s Cradle Chair (after Salvador Dali) is 1 LI. Please note that resizing items usually changes the land impact.

The chair has 12 different male and female animations, some of which are very surrealistically fitting. All the Objects are rezed at the event so you can try out the animations yourself.

All the Surrealist Objects are hand-painted, materials enabled, original mesh by Garvie Garzo.

Permissions are copy/modify/no-transfer.

The Surrealist Objects are sold separately and are half price for the event duration: sculpture L200, table L75, chair L150.

Visit The Chapter Four!



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