Bastet & Baboon at We Love Roleplay

Bastet Goddess meadowWorks

Bring a touch of ancient Egypt to your Second Life with these statues! Bastet Goddess of Protection is avatar-sized sculpture of the feline goddess striding proudly forward while holding ankh and the Mirror of Hathor. The smaller Bastet Cat figurines can be rezed to honour her, perfect also for all the cat-lovers. The baboon god could easily decorate both a house with historical penchants and one with decadence for its strong ties to sexual prowess.

Bastet Goddess is 6 LI, Baboon God and Bastet Cat 1 LI.  Everything is modifiable, so you can resize them as you wish. Remember that when making mesh items larger their land impact rises as well.

All the pieces are unrigged, hand-painted, materials enabled, original mesh.

Permissions are copy/modify/no-transfer.

The statues are half price for the event duration:
L200 for Bastet Goddess, L100 for Baboon God and L75 for Bastet Cat.

Visit We Love Roleplay!

Baboon God meadowWorks

Bastet Cat meadowWorks


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