Holly Golightly Beauty Rest Set at We Love Roleplay

meadowWorks ~ WLRP MARCH~ Holly Golightly Beauty Rest Set

Catch the last dreams of the winter slumber with Holly Golightly’s Beauty Rest Sleep Set!

The set contains faithful and original mesh reproductions of the sleeping mask and ear plugs worn by Holly Golightly as played by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, now available in the March’s round of We Love Roleplay.

Both pieces are unrigged, hand-painted, materials enabled, original mesh.

Permissions are copy/modify/no-transfer.

The Beauty Rest Sleep Set is half price for the event duration, L75.

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Ankh Necklace for the Eternal Hunt

The picture and ad by Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc.

meadowWorks took part in the 8th Anniversary of Fallen Gods Inc. and although The Eternal Market and the Anniversary festivities are over, the Eternal Hunt is still going on until November 21st.

The Eternal Hunt is a HUD-based exploration journey where you visit the main stores or sims of the participating creators to locate all the lemniscates (the infinity symbols that look like a sideways number 8) after which you can enter the final prize room filled with rewards! The HUDs are free and available in the Main Store of Fallen Gods Inc. in Selidor. If you get stuck and need a better hint than the HUD provides, try asking for help in the Fallen Gods Inc. group chat.

The prize from meadowWorks is Infinite Life Ankh necklace where sharp edges meet the soft curves of infinity. The lemniscate itself is formed from and by a snake biting its own tail like a doubled ouroboros, the eternal returns following one after the other.

The necklace is unisex and comes in two sizes to accommodate both men and women. You can see previews of all the prizes of the Eternal Hunt here.

The Bust of Anubis was for sale in the Eternal Market and is not currently available, since it was especially made for the occasion. The Embalmer might return later in some other shape or form, like the Guardian of the Eternal Afterlife should.

Both the Bust of Anubis and the Infinite Life Ankh are hand-painted, materials enabled, original mesh by Garvie Garzo.

Permissions are copy/modify/no-transfer.

Visit Selidor to get your free HUD and begin hunting!


Shaman Prizes for MadPea’s Peatonville Asylum Game

Peatonville Gold Prize Shamn Figure

meadowWorks is participating in the stunning experience that is the current MadPea Game: Peatonville Asylum. This HUD-based adventure game offers an exciting, interactive story to engage players and rewards them with wonderful prizes from an impressive lineup of creators. You need to purchase a HUD to play the game: there are three different HUDs with different prices and different rewards. Read more about the HUD-system here. The instructions on how to play can be found here.

The Gold Prize from meadowWorks is Soul Stone Shaman, a lifesize figure inspired directly by the Peatonville Asylum storyline. The statue is 6 LI at the current size. It is modifiable so if you make it bigger, the land impact might change.

The Silver Prize consists of Shaman Fetishes: wearable antlers and necklaces made of carved raven skull and feathers. The prizes are unisex, but male and female sizes are included.

With these prizes you can both have a shaman guarding the forests of your own as well as become one yourself. Take the step to the side of reality where primitive trappings hold the deepest of meanings, where mysticism and intricate details walk hand in hand, where secrets are yours to reveal.

The fetishes and the shaman figure are all hand-painted, materials enabled, original mesh.

Permissions are copy/modify/no-transfer.

The game lasts the whole of November and the prizes are exclusive rewards, so if you want some shamanic touch in your life come on over and play!

Visit the Peatonville Wharf to begin! 

Peatonville Silver Prize Shaman Fetish Necklace