Tomb Traders Gotya at Builder’s Brewery RFL Gacha Festival

Tomb Traders RFL Gotya meadowWorks

Loot for all your tomb raiding-trading needs! Various canopic jars (human, falcon, jackal, baboon), oil lamp, Mirror of Hathor and divine statues of gods and queens: Baboon, Shabti, Bastet and Nefertiti. Tomb Traders Gotya (gacha) set will be available in Builder’s Brewery RFL Gacha Festival, all proceeds go to Relay For Life.

The gacha holds ten items in total: 1 rare, 1 uncommon, 8 commons.

Each piece of treasure is just 1 LI, except the oil lamp that the script turns to 2 LI. Everything is modifiable, so you can resize them as you wish. Remember that when making mesh items larger their land impact rises as well.

All of the tomb loot is hand-painted, materials enabled, original mesh.

Permissions are no-copy/modify/transfer.

Gacha is 55L per play.
All of the proceeds go to Relay For Life of Second Life.

The Festival opens on April 9th.

Visit Builder’s Brewery RFL Gacha Festival

PS. The yoga frogs are back and you can find them in the Builder’s Brewery RFL Gacha Festival as well!