Skull Disc and Skull Cave at We Love Roleplay

Skull Disc

“Skull disc is a part of a set I am slowly putting together based on a mysterious undersea archaeological excavation, called the Hall of Legends. What makes the artefacts uncovered so far so strange is that while they all appear to be ancient they seem to record future events. This piece has the scientists especially stumped, because although they recognize the alphabet, the inscription is nonsensical or in a different language, and the style is unusual.”

Whether you wish to delve into mystery or decorate your wizard’s tower with ancient artifacts, or possibly set a stage for a pirate curse, or mermaid frolicking grounds in the ruins deep in the sea, the skull disc obelisk stands out in ominous silence. What secrets does it hold, what glimpses of the future has it caught?

The Skull Obelisk was found near the loosely named Skull Cave, and since they are believed to be related, they are both offered for this round of We Love Roleplay at 50% off.

The Skull Cave is true to its name, a rock formation bound together with rusted chains, a stone skull resting on top of the arch. Is it the doorway to Death’s domain? Is it a portal to a necromancer’s lair? Is it an elaborately staged warning for the passersby? Enter to find out the truth — if you dare!

If you are interested in the other pieces from the Hall of Legends, here’s what’s been brought to the surface so far: Legend of the Dolphins | Legend of the Great Event | Fantastic Voyage Stone Tablet | Apparatus of the Ancients | Waterhorse

The Skull Disc is 4 LI and the Skull Cave is 12 LI. Note that if you change their size the land impact will change, too.

All the items are hand-painted, materials enabled, original mesh by Garvie Garzo.

Permissions are copy/modify/no-transfer.

Both the Skull Disc and the Skull Cave are half price for the event duration.
The Skull Disc L100 and the Skull Cave L175.

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Skull Cave



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