MadPea’s Return of the Light at the Arcade


Garvie Garzo, the creator behind meadowWorks, has also a secret identity in the MadPea Productions and was strongly involved in the creation of MadPea’s gacha set for this December’s Arcade: Return of the Light.

It is the season when the darkness creeps in, days grow shorter, light wanes, and the absence of sun is painfully felt. Therefore it has also always been the season to bring the sun back. The need for this, the inescapably felt rightness of the ritual has always followed us.

The gacha set provides you all the needed ingredients for the ritual, whether you want to combat the dark in strong, sharp symbols, praise moon for its nocturnal alleviation or call back the sun. The commons are divided between moon and sun and consist of swords and ritual ingredients. The rares offer you an ancient stone circle and an altar for the ritual, completing the set. The set is interactive and just waiting for you to take part in the magic. This is an absolute must-have for any roleplayer, but also for any friend of beautiful craftmanship of esoteric paraphernalia.

Permissions are no-copy/modify/transfer.

Price is L50 per gacha pull.

Visit MadPea at The Arcade



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