By The Sea Gacha


“There is a true story behind the By The Sea collection. A girl grew up in a very small town/fishing village on the ocean. In the summers when she was a kid she collected beach rocks, bits of driftwood, shells & sea glass, stuck them together, painted some, carved others. Then a few times a week, she piled as much as she could on her bicycle and rode along the highway to the local beaches selling her trinkets to tourists.

Many years later this same girl all grown up now moved back to the ocean where she immediately went right back to sticking bits of driftwood and rocks together again. Except now she uses a computer instead of glue and paint to make them. How wild is that?!” 

The By the Sea gacha holds all these driftwood and beach treasures, just waiting for you to find them and bring them home with you. There’s a bench and a love seat for you to lounge on, a table to host all your treasured prizes, wall decor, stacked heart-shaped stones, sea creatures carved straight from the driftwood… with all of this you can easily furnish and decorate your beach abode or summery relaxation area by the sea.

There are eight prizes in total: five commons, two rares and one ultra rare. The vintage wooden mermaid is the ultra rare, the hearts of stone and glass are the two rares, the rest are common.

The driftwood bench and love seat have both single and couple animations: the bench 10 singles and 8 couples, the love seat 11 singles and 6 couples. All of the prizes are rezed in front of the gacha in the main store so you can also test the poses if you wish.

The land impact of the treasures varies by piece and ranges from one to five LI. Please note that resizing mesh objects usually changes the land impact.

All of the wonderful beach-provided prizes are hand-painted, materials enabled, original mesh.

Permissions are modify/transfer/no-copy. L72 per play.

Visit meadowWorks Main Store to play!


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